Monday, 14 May 2012

A Very Beautiful Mother's Day

It's Momma's Day!
This is my lovely mom and I. ♥ Isn't she beautiful?

On Sunday morning, I woke up pretty early as I had to serve in church. Before leaving to church, I decided to blow some balloons and leave my mom a simple message on her door. 
 "Happy" , "Mother's" , "Day"
I left to church then and only met up with my family during lunch. That was when I gave my mom a huge hug and wish her once again. Right after lunch, my sister and I went on a hunting trip for dear mama (Our gift is shared by my brother, my sister, her bf and I). Sis and I have always made stuff or cooked for her instead of buying her gifts. So this time, we decided to buy her something instead.
Dear momma have always loved boxes or things to keep her accessories. And so, we got her a box! That was not all that we gave her though! Check this out!

 Momma's getting a whole new bunch of stuff! A multipurpose necklace (You could wear it as a normal necklace or a choker, and it could also be worn sideways with the ribbon showing, or as a headpiece.), A simple yet lovely necklace, a white & gold bracelet, and a pair of crystal heart earrings! Oh how I wish my sister and I were to be my very own future kids. Just kidding! That'd be weird.
On this beautiful day, Momma's got some flowers too! And look! It matches her gifts!
 Let's continue on admiring the gifts and then drooling over the scrumptious dinner!

 I love the crystal heart earrings! They look extremely gorgeous! ♥
Mommy is so very blessed, isn't she?
Well, let's proceed to the oh-so-mouth-watering dinner!
We had our dinner at Elcerdo, KL. They're known to be famous for their pork - thus, the picture on their menu. Their little mascot was also just standing by our table!
The Parents,
The Siblings,
The Family. ♥
Before dinner, the children presented their gift.
The mommy was asked to feel what she think the gift was first. Then she got to open her eyes. The sweet daddy decided to help her wear her new gifts!

In Elcerdo, there's one thing you just HAVE to try :
Their spare ribs!!! These are truly the BEST spare ribs I've ever ate in my entire life! Really! It's meaty and extremely filled with taste bursting in your mouth. You have really got to try it one day! Another highly popular dish there, was the suckling pig.
Not only did it come with sauce, but it came with a story too! The waitress placed her stuff down and began. Then, the waitress taught us all how to chop up the suckling pig with a plate. It is said that the bad luck would enter the plate after chopping the pig, and the plate needs to be thrown broken after that. Mom was the special guest who got to try it out. She was so afraid!
That's pretty much our dinner. All of us were satisfied and happy with a full tummy!
 As we reach home, the night went on with karaoke.
...and the parents danced through the night as the children sang.
The End.

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