Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tutorial : Swirl Card

Hello! Today, we're going to learn how to make another special card! It has a little pop up swirl in the middle. Silly me forgot to take a full picture of the card in the end. It looks like this :
Swirls when you open the card! Let's get started!
What you need :
1) Blade
2) Long Ruler
3) Card
4) Patterned paper [you can print yourself from pictures in google]
5) Scissors
6) Something round
7) Double sided tape or glue
 First of all, cut out your card piece. Then, take a patterned paper that matches to 'decorate' the card in any way you like.
 All I did was place a strip of it across. I added a dolly in the centre.
 If you have patterned scissors, you could do this.
 Tape/Glue the patterned semi-circle, then the rectangular piece, and lastly, the dolly. You can use other decorations too. Like a fake piece of flower, a picture, or ribbons.
 I didn't want the inside of the card to be plain white. So I cut out 2 piece of patterned paper and taped it inside.
 The base of your card is done. Now, grab something circle to drawn around it. Next, you have to draw a swirl inside. One that goes round and round till it reaches the middle. Cut along that line with a normal scissors.
 This would be the result of it once u tape both ends.
If you decided you want a card that is portrait instead of landscape, the result would look like this. Swirls from one side to the other.
If you want to keep it in landscape, it'll looks like this. I added some cut out paper roses to the swirl. Ain't it adorable?

Oh! Before you leave! Check out these 2 awesome gifbooms!!! hehe!
at Carl's Jr.
and my favourite one so far :
*poof!* Ling Wai and I ! ♥
Okay! That's all! Bye!!

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