Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sewing Some Love Into Work

  BoxOfHobbies! There's so much to talk about! Lately, I've been putting things together in my mind thinking about how everything would be like in the future. There's so much I want to do! 

I've always wanted to sew my own dresses, clothes, bags, pouches and all. I think it'd be a lovely idea to have and wear things that were handmade by yourself! Don't you think so? Even if I never got to sew for myself, I'd at least love to design something for myself. It gives the item a personal touch and extra special dose of love knowing it uniquely came from yourself! That's what I feel. 
  I believe that many others would feel this way too. Especially children I suppose. They'd find it magical that their designs came to life. And so, my dreams of BoxOfHobbies grew even greater from there. One of my dreams for BoxOfHobbies is to have a small company where one's design would be brought to life. People would need to bring in their sketches for us and we'll make the plushie or the clothes accordingly. Children have a very creative imagination, they actually design a lot when they're younger. Parents could bring in a couple of their sketched drawings and we would find the materials and bring it to 'life'. It won't look exactly the same, but we'll make it as close as we can.
Because all of the designs are personalized by the customers, I wouldn't be able to get a factory to do the job. I'd have to hire people to sew for me if the 'company' grows bigger. I wouldn't have enough hands or time to finish everything myself, even if I'd love to. I plan to start this dream of mine once I have my sewing machine. I've just went on a sewing machine hunt again yesterday. Hopefully I'll get one soon. Next year, my plan is to take a course on sewing that I may learn how to do proper measurements for clothing and such. Then, I'd practice and make my own clothes! I'll also start this little project (making for others) if opportunity comes. The price range would be about Rm40-50 at first I suppose, then when my skills get better and the quality improves, the price would most probably go higher and possibly even up till Rm100+. The price would also vary from the size and the design requested of course.
Well, that's one huge dream of mine for the future and I'm very proud of it. I really can't wait for the time to come when I can start doing all these. Doing crafts related to children would be a dream come true. (Of course, teens and adults could send in their designs too, but my main idea is to bring the children's work to 'life').

A lovely painting filled with life! (not done by me)
Another dream of mine is to have a costume rental service. I've always loved role playing and dressing up completely different from who you are. (I never really bothered taking time to dress up a little more myself to go out, but when it comes to theme days and events, I'd really go ALL out). Acting is another thing I love, and acting in all these costumes would be simply perfect! I really would love the idea of having a photo shoot of myself all in different characters. I think it's real fun! Though, if I ever make the costumes for myself, I'd only wear them once or twice and never again. Thus, I've thought about renting them out as well for a cheaper price. If they go for Rm50 a day outside, I'd go for just Rm20 a day. This way, I could at least gain back some money to cover part of the cost, and continue making more costumes! Perhaps I wouldn't have a physical shop for this, but I'd definitely have the rental service one way or another for those costumes that I have personally made.

  My dreams for BoxOfHobbies are growing each day! BoxOfHobbies is currently still in debt - Rm898, but I believe that BoxOfHobbies will be able to grow more real soon, cover it's debts and survive on its own earnings without borrowing money. Thanks everyone, for all your love and support! I truly appreciate it! ♥

 Several things I'm working on for BoxOfHobbies :
1) Postage service
2) Proper order form
3) Giveaway
4) Online Etsy Shop
5) Homemade Yummies (I used to sell choc cookies during CNY)
That's all for this post! Thanks for reading! Toodles!

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