Thursday, 24 May 2012

Turning Coins Shiny Again

 Today, I'm going to show you a magic trick! Well, not really, but it still seems 'Woah-ish' enough.
 Here are some dirty icky coins!
...and here's the Magic liquid!
 Mix the coins and the magic liquid! Look at what happens later!
 Could you see how different the coins outside and inside the jar look? The ones inside are shinier in a way. Perhaps it's because of the jar huh? Well, let's continue scrolling down! I did this a couple of times and the pictures shown are not really in order. Check this out. For these 2 pictures below, I placed the coins in first, then poured the magic liquid without shaking the jar.
The 'TUB & TILE' thing really works extremely well! Who knows, I may shine all the coins I have. haha! It was fun looking at the coins get shinier. Well, this post was rather random. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed watching the 'magic' too! haha. Watching it live would probably be more interesting though.

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