Thursday, 26 April 2012

Paper Plane Nails

Hey lovelies! *If you're a guy, I apologize for calling you lovely.* I've been drooling over a lot of things lately. It's funny how I suddenly fell in love browsing through make-up and nail stuff this year. I guess I love browsing through these stuff because I like art and I find all these things artsy. Somehow, I love those 'kua cheong' make up and not the usual basic make up. I wouldn't mind being a model for that purpose if anyone needs me. haha! I'm a girl who is very unlikely to be caught wearing make-up. I seldom apply nail polish too (never did last year), but this year, it's already my second time applying nail polish! Ah, so much chattering, let's get back to topic. Yesterday, I came across a picture of paper plane nails and I decided to try it out myself.
The base colour is painted. Nail polish belongs to my friend.
 I didn't want to paint white then add the black lines on my nail, so I tried something different. I drew the paper plane on this sticker and tried to stick it on. I then applied 2 coats of craft varnish since I ran out of the transparent nail polish top coat. It didn't work that well though. The surface of the paper plane is smooth, definitely covered, but somehow there must be a hole somewhere for the paper actually got wet and was ruined (not the whole plane, just the top pointed end) as I took a bath. It didn't look that good anymore, so I tried something else.
 I found silver polish and started taping my thumb according to the left over sticker piece paper I used previously. The surface of the paper was gone but the sticker base was still there as I did this.
 and so, I have a silver paper plane on my thumb! I used a pen to draw the dotted lines. I wish there's some sort of pen polish. It would make life much easier.
 My 'pen polish' didn't dry that easily though. It got smudged halfway through. I didn't bother repainting it right away for I was at college.
The 4 other nails of mine. Ain't it cute how the lines are somewhat connected? That is all for the nails.  Here's some BoxOfHobbies items I made today :
I really love the last picture with the couple. I think it's sweet and lovely. All these things above will soon be sold at BoxOfHobbies ! Praise God! For sales are starting to come in at a slight faster rate.
Oh! Let me show you a little something I made for myself! If you came for Chromeheart previously, you'd probably know what it is. Else just read the name on the bottom right.
It's an Esuirras Warlods necklace! I made this for I was a warlord for Chromeheart Revelation and this brings back memories. I love it so much!

Alright! That is all for today. I have more stuff to show you guys, but I'll reserve that for tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by! Tata!

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