Monday, 23 April 2012

Mysterious Blue Egg

 *Randomly shows off baby picture*
Hey guys! Today's post is about a mysterious egg! Most of you probably seen the picture of the end result already, but here's the steps in making it!
 Collect a regular egg shell.
 Get some clay and start mashing them up! You could play 'masak-masak' while doing so too!
 Roll the green clay into long strips and start curling it around starting from the very bottom. Overlapping is fine. Once you got the base, add some grass too!

 It'll turn out something like this.
 Start cracking the egg. You'd most probably want to paint the egg before this though. It would be much easier compared to what I did (making the creature first).
 A poor empty little egg shell with nothing inside. Let's fill it up!
 And the baby creature was born!

 How adorable! The creature sits snuggly in it's cosy blue shell. He was for sale on BoxOfHobbies for only Rm10 and has now found a lovely new owner!

This was actually made for an international clay craft competition. I never thought of winning or so, but it sure was fun just to join in! It's also the reason why this blog post came by so late when it was done about two months ago. Pictures or videos were not allowed anywhere in the net till the competition ends.Well, that is all for today's post! Hope you enjoyed reading it! Toodles! ♥

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