Friday, 13 April 2012

Egg Surprise - Painted Eggs

Hi readers! If you actually drove to Chromeheart on the 5th-8th of April and it wasn't raining, you'll probably find an egg in a 'nest' sitting on top of your car. This, my friend, is a little Eggy Surprise by Dubcube's Onz Project! Interested to find out what hassle we got into to bring this little egg friend to you? Well, here it is!

 First, we had to drain all the eggs from a tinsy winsy hole at the base of the egg. After that, the eggs are taken to be washed and dried.
 The many volunteers would then pick an egg each and start showing their talent. When a couple of painted eggs are dried, they are taken off to be sprayed shiny! As some of the volunteers do that, others learnt the skill of origami and made paper boxes so that the eggs will have a 'nest'.

Ribbons and hamster bedding are poured into the box.

On Chromeheart day itself, the Dubcubers carefully place an egg each into it's delicate nest and then started 'laying eggs' on people's car.
Here are a few adorable little eggs :
And here's my FAVOURITE one of all! I still don't know who the artist is.
Super duper lovely.

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