Sunday, 8 April 2012

Chromeheart Revelation 2012

Good morning people! How was your Easter? Mine had been amazingly memorable with the wonderful journey of CHROMEHEART

The picture shows a crowd of 2200 people who came for Day 1 (Thursday). We had 2600 people on Day 2 and 2400 people on Day 3. *I'm not sure of Day 4*
The whole production was a huge success and I'm proud to be part of it. The journey was simply an adventure to begin with. I was one of the swordsmen in the Esuirras Warlords clan. Though, I later on changed to a spearsmen when fighting with Master Yeyphim - The Leader of the Quamorous Beasts.
Master Yeyphim in Chromeheart Revelation.
I wanted to join for the first Chromeheart as a cast, but couldn't as I would be having my IGCSE O Levels Examination then. I joined the props team instead, and also learnt a lot from it. This time, when I heard that I could join Chromeheart Revelation, my heart sang and I couldn't stop smiling! Anyways, I shall stop blabbering about and show you some pictures. You've probably seen it on Facebook though.

 Wizard Assaygha
 Tiqua and Ray-an's battle

Okay, now it's time to show you some pictures with me inside! *Proud warlord*
The warlords marching in Scene 2.
 Vampires vs Warlords
 Fighting Master Yeyphim
Being carried by Master Yeyphim after fighting him.

Being tossed by Master Yeyphim to 2 of the other warlords. Crashed into them and the crowd went "Ouchhhh!!!" with their faces as if they've experienced the pain themselves. This was my favourite part! It wasn't scary to me at all, but a fun new experience! Thank God for the opportunity. When in the world would you be able to experience one throwing you, crashing into 2 others? 

Well, that is all for the Chromeheart pictures. You can browse through tons of them on Facebook. It's EVERYWHERE. Oh! And one last announcement before I go : 

Chromeheart Revelation came out on the NEWSPAPERS! I'm so proud of my church! It was on Friday's 'The Star', 'Sin Chew Daily' & 'Oriental Daily' paper. Amazing isn't it? Well, now you know not to reject my invitation to any of my superbly awesome church events! Make sure you don't miss out on the ones in the future!

To ze group of amazing Esuirras Warlords : This journey of training & walking each step along the same path has been a journey of truth and trust! It is now time to part, but we shall meet again when destiny calls us. Thank you, for all the victorious memories.

More pictures to be posted on Facebook soon.
That is all for today's post. Thanks for dropping by! Have a great week ahead! Toodles!

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