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Tutorial : Gandalf The Grey Clay Figurine

Lord Of The Rings . Hobbit . Lord Of The Rings . Hobbit

A couple of months back, I decided to make some clay figurines (Check out Olaf, Jack Sparrow, T.Pot too!) of known characters. This includes Gandalf The Grey, which I will share a tutorial of today.

What you will need :
1) Clay (Grey, Beige, White, Black, Brown)
2) Craft Tools (if available)
3) White Glue
Using any coloured clay or scrap clay, form a rectangle for his body. Then, roll out a large thin piece (rectangular shape or so, doesn't have to be perfect) of grey clay for Gandalf's clothing. Wrap it from the front to the back and cut off the extra that overlaps. As you push the thin grey clay down, little 'flaps' would form as shown above. Just gently press it down (you can use tools to help you) and smoothen the top. Attach Gandalf's arms. You can use wire if you need to. I usually do that to make sure it doesn't fall out of place.

The sleeves are a little tricky. Roll out another thin piece of clay, wrap it around your finger and use a scissors to snip off the ends to make the edge smooth. Your clay will most likely stick together where it is cut. Use your finger and push through the cut end. It shouldn't be too hard to open up. Stretch the ends gently on one side that the sleeves would look like one side is bigger than the other.
Slip it through the arms with the smaller ends facing Gandalf's body. Attach it with glue and press it down gently. Add Gandalf's brown belt by rolling a long thin piece and wrap it around the mid section. Mix grey with white to form a lighter shade of your choice for his scarf. It doesn't have to be perfect, wrinkle the ends and place it over the shoulder. Finally, make Gandalf's head and estimate the size.
 If the head is alright, pull it back out again to complete the scarf. Make another thin long grey strip. Randomly make folds and place it around the 'neck' area. Leave the middle spot to fit Gandalf's head.
 Roll out long strips of very light grey for Gandalf's hair. It doesn't have to be exactly the same length throughout. Then add his stash. Gandalf looks much better now that his hair is place huh?
To make his hat, repeat the steps for the sleeves, but pinch one end (the smaller side) together. Use scissors to modify the top of the hat that it may be pointed. I used a needle tool to make lines on Gandalf's hat as well (optional)
Make another thin piece and cut out a circle slightly bigger than the pointed part of the hat. Once again, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Let Gandalf wear his hat and add eyebrows! The same shade and colour as his hair/stash. You can use white glue to attach them.

Can you see how Gandalf has one hand reaching out for something? Well, he's missing his 'Staff Of Power' which acts as both his primary weapon and walking stick.
It wasn't too hard to make this. I merely rolled out 2 different shades of brown together, form a stick shape where the top is slightly fatter in size, cut the ends a little with a scissors, use a needle too to make wooden marks throughout, and finally adding extra 'wood veins' curling around it. I think Gandalf's staff looks pretty good.

I added a small black piece for Gandalf to stand on so he looks more like a collectible item. You can check out more of him and some others on Instagram with the hashtag #SupermomCollectibles
What do you think?
I can't decide on a photo. They all look too good. In fact, there will be a picture for every angle as you scroll down in a bit.
Can you spot some friends photobombing behind?
It seems like some carrot-nose-ball-of-snow is waving hello! And there's also a banana-lover right beside!

Like I said.. I can't decide on which looks best.. so here goes :
And walah! Boxed in Daiso's Rm5 clear display!
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  1. Hello Jolene :) may I know where do you get clay from ??

    1. Hello!! (: What colours are u interested in? You can email on the colours available & price. :) Thank you.