Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Noah's Ark in El Shaddai Refugee Centre

Hey everyone!
Much much much earlier this year in January, a group of people went to the El Shaddai Refugee Centre to have a library makeover! (I actually had this post in my draft for about a month plus already but my computer had problems with the internet and I forgot to post after.. Opps!)

Anyways, here's how their library looked like... *jeng jeng jengggg*
Space was really really limited. haha! 
The team had to move all these out before we could apply new paint to the walls and add in new furnitures..
We did some Ikea shopping, sorted the stuff and got back here another day to do the painting.
The painting progress (less words, more pictures) :
Lovely dove! One of my favourites.

Adele drew and painted this lovely giraffe! She did all the shadings for our cartoon animals here.
Superbly awesome painter!
So far so good?
Adorable little ducklings snuggling up together!

Walah!!! One side of the wall completed! I think it looks really really nice!
 The other side of the wall with Eeyore at the background!
The door was repainted white as well.
New Billy Bookshelves from Ikea.
The guys repainted the metal shelf white.
And everything's done! Now the children at the El Shaddai Refugee Centre will have a wonderful library to visit! Woohoo!

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