Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tutorial : Thinking Pot by Wong Fu Productions !

 Isn't this guy adorable?! It's a little T.Pot !
A couple of months back (yea, my updates are always slow) I've decided to make more figurines.. and I did this! Thinking Pot by Wong Fu Productions! You can find T.Pot in this episode of Wong Fu Weekends : WFW 59 - Arts And Crafts! Now, you can make it too! It's fairly simple.

What is needed :
1) Clay (Pink, White)
2) Black Acrylic Paint
3) Thin Brush
4) Yellow Acrylic Paint
 First of all, roll out a white piece for the pot's base. Then, roll out a pink piece of clay ball and tap it gently so it flattens on 2 ends. Place both pieces together. Roll out a long white clay and wrap it around both the pink and white clay where it meets.
 Paint T.Pot's face! Use a thin brush and paint it's face with black acrylic paint. The eyes are a little far apart, and the eyebrows are frowning. Use yellow acrylic to dot the cheeks.
 Lastly, paint it's brain! You can paint anyhow you want, but I followed the picture on the very front. And tadaaaa you're actually done!
 T.Pot from Wong Fu Productions! Check them out on youtube!
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