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Tutorial : Clay Baby Minion

 Here's to the minion craze! Om nom nom nom! Minion cupcakes are uber adorable. Don't you agree?
I wouldn't really eat them though. Everything on top is made of fondant (An icing-like substance made of sugar sugar & sugar, and used for decorating cupcakes,cakes,pastries etc. It's similar to clay whereby you can mold it into any shape you want) I could use fondant to make little sculptures instead of clay, but I'm just lazy to keep those sugary ant-attracting figures.
In this post, I will be showing you how to make a clay baby minion!
 First, I rolled out some yellow clay to a slight oval shape. I marked where the eyes and mouth would be on the smoothest side.
 Then, I rolled out a long piece of grey clay (mix of black and white clay) and pressed it gently to form a flat side. I rolled two white eyeballs and had the grey clay wrapped around the white balls of clay and put them aside.

I rolled a bigger piece of white clay through my pasta machine (you can use a rolling pin if you do not have a pasta machine) at no.2 and wrapped it around both ends of the minion body. One side for the head, and the other for the body. Roll out tiny pieces of black clay into the minion's shoes as shown in the picture above. Then, attach eyes by rolling out uber tiny pieces of black clay into tiny balls and lightly press on it against the minion's white eyeballs.
 I rolled out small black pieces (slightly bigger than the minion's feet) and shaped it into a triangle shape. Use a scissors to cut two straight lines. Watch out not to cut fully or you'll just have minion fingers. The edge would be a little pointy, shape it with your finger by tapping lightly on it. Leave it aside.
 The whole thing should look something like the above. (Hands not attached yet)
 Cut out tiny heart shapes with your blade on blue clay, or you can always shape tiny balls of clay into a triangle shape, then use a metal stick/blade or anything thin and long to push halfway down the bottom of the triangle. Shape the sides, turn it upside down, and you should get a heart. Repeat to make four.

For the fluffy ball on the very top, make a base first. Roll a medium ball and many tiny balls of clay. Stick all the tiny balls of clay onto the medium ball till all is covered as shown above. Stick it on the top of the baby minion's hat.
 In the picture on the right, you can see that the baby minion has safety pins on his diapers.
 Roll a very thin long grey clay. Cut into size (one long one short). Bend the long piece to form a U shape. Then use the short piece to connect the bottom of the U. You get sort of an inverted A shape, but rounder.
 Roll out a small ball of maroon red clay and press against the mouth area (it's ok to see a bit of white from the mouth, in fact, i think it'll be nicer) to make the baby minion's pacifier. Then, roll a very long thin maroon red clay and strap around the baby minion as so. Cover up the middle of the pacifier with a short thin piece.

When that is done, roll 2 long pieces of yellow clay for the arms. Attach it to the black part of the hands made previously, then to the body. Careful, it's pretty fragile. You can use glue or a small metal piece to connect the hand to the body.
 The strap goes all the way to the back.
 Baby minion sideways.
 And tadaa! The baby minion should look something like this!
How adorable! I really like how it turned out. What about you?
Probably the eyes could be stuck closer to one another. Other than that, I'm pretty happy.

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