Friday, 9 August 2013

Mini Minion Earrings

Crafting is my spirit animal. If that even makes sense.
Anyways, hello again! I have been missing for a while due to the annoying laptop of mine ): It caught a flu. A flu whereby it became a professional wifi detecting device, BUT suddenly could not detect the wifi it has been using it's whole life. I'm not talking about bad wifi connections, but a really odd thing where my laptop can detect everyone else's wifi except my own. It's still sick and I'm currently using daddy's laptop for this post.

For those of you who have been following my Instagram account : CraftySupermom , you would know that I've been following the minion trend!
I mixed several yellow clay with a bit of white to get a nice minion yellow colour.
I was really excited about the idea of having little minion faces on people's ear that I stamped a whole bunch of little circles out.

After doing so, I rolled out thin black straps and tiny eyes for them. I was excited to finish them all that night, but had to go for an event.
Sadly, after the event, my fire on making little minions died down. So I only continued finishing them up days after. Whoops.
It kept lying there on the table for days till I finally decided that it's taking up space and annoying me sitting there. So yeah, I decided to finish them up! Woohoo! They are now glossed and ready to be sold real soon!

They'll be up on BoxOfHobbies in a while! (:
If they don't, blame the evil internet :P haha!
Well, that is all! Don't forget to follow me on the right side of this page and on Instagram " Craftysupermom


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