Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tutorial : Minion Badges

So before the minion craze goes off completely, here's a little tutorial on making your own Minion Badges!
 It's fairly simple. Especially if you have a round cookie cutter.
Start out by flattening a large piece of yellow clay. Cut out as many yellow circles as you like for the minion's face.
 Then, roll out flat pieces of black as well. Cut them into strips as shown above to be placed across the minion's face. When that is done, cut out smaller grey circles for their goggles frame.
 As you can see, another white piece is rolled out, cut and then attached. I used a pen cover to cut this out.
The black pupil has the same volume as the white, except that it's rolled up into a ball and slightly pressed instead of rolling out into a flat piece.
 Acrylic paint works great for the mouth on a sharp-tipped brush. The bunch of minions made.
A few of them after being glossed!

That's all for today. Thanks for dropping by!
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