Friday, 26 July 2013

Handpainted Dog Mug

 Aloha! I love my blue-green hair!
Moving on...

A customer recently ordered a customized dog mug. I haven't been painting on mugs for a while. It's pretty fun to get back at it. You can find my previous works here!
 The customer sent me a link to a cartoon dog and I did my very best to draw it freehand. 
 The dog had no expression in the picture.
 So we changed and made him smile.
When that was done, we filled everything else in with a special paint for ceramic.
 I really love the colours. They really stand out from the white mug. 
 This was written on the back.
When all is painted and done, I baked the mug at 160degrees for about 20minutes in my craft oven.
The paint would then be permanent, and the cup can be washed gently (no scrubbing where painted) or washed with a dish washer.
Tadaa! The completed cup!
I think it looks great! What do you think?

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