Sunday, 14 July 2013

Experiment : Operation Teddy

Months ago, I got an evil genius plan to turn stuffed toys into deadly adorable heat packs!
Knowing that most hot/cold packs comes in a common shape, I wanted to make adorable ones available for all (especially the ladies). A couple of my friends have the habit of using heat packs when their 'friend' visits them every month. So I thought, why not?
I dilly dallied till a million gazillion years later and finally picked up my razor sharp scissors to test on this little bear who has been patiently waiting for it's turn in the operation room for months.

 Surgery was to remove majority of it's 'fats' from it's body.
The overflowing bowl of fats.
The fats were replaced with something we call 'uncooked rice'
They are known to be able to absorb and remove heat fast. And thus my experiment. People usually add a touch of essential oil in this process, but I was too lazy to get them without knowing if this experiment is successful.
Dear Teddy survived. Needle and threads were used to stitch little Teddy together again.
Now to see if the experiment works.
Teddy was placed in a sauna room.
A moment later, teddy was taken out. It's warm, but lasted only for a while.
Experiment was pronounced 'Fail'
I assume that teddy's fur is too thick and caused such a result. Though the experiment failed, teddy's now a 'bean bag' teddy standing tall with it's heavy butt grounded to the table.

That's all. The end.

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