Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Study Buddies & An Orchid

 Good morning everyone! I slept on February (my teddy)'s tummy last night. Here's a little update on yesterday!

 I was serving yesterday. It was my first time teaching the senior class (5-9yrs) and I was excited. I love my juniors (2-4yrs), and yesterday, I missed them. But at the same time, I wanted to get to know the seniors. Ever since the old church building, I haven't got to mix around much with the seniors and felt a little distant from them.
After children's church, the teachers stayed back to have a massive clean up session! What you see in the picture is not even everything that we had! Things were still being moved from the storeroom!
 I adopted some buddies and head to Monash to study with awesome people I know. The little study buddies decorated the table and got odd stares from passersby(s). It was funny.
 I didn't bring a book since I came straight from church. While waiting for my dad to bring them for me, I walked around to search for a book. I found one named 'Orchid Fever'. So, I decided to draw an orchid. I haven't been drawing since a long time ago. ( here & here )
 The finished orchid. I'm not much of a plant artist. I prefer drawing animals. I think it's my first time drawing a plant.

( Click here to see my 6th drawing book! )
Enjoy! Bye!

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