Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Quail Egg Clay Display Item

Happy 2nd Anniversary Ivan & Mei Si! Congratulations on the baby that is on the way!
Here's a post showing how the display above was made.
 A quail's egg. I ate for the shell.
 "Crack crack crack". Collected them in a container. Perhaps I could still use the mini pieces.
 I painted the shell a little ivory yellow with acrylic paint.
 A tiny baby was born with a twirl of hair.
 Added a pacifier! It's my first time making a project with a baby actually. It's new, exciting and fun! Before this tiny baby, I actually cracked a chicken egg for the shell and made a baby that size. Later on, I realize it's too big and then change to a quail's egg and a mini baby. I'm glad though, this one looks way cuter!
Now, for the making of the parents!
 Here's their head!
 ...and their body. White was really hard to work with. They catch dust real fast and any tiny bit could be seen ever so obviously.
 The hair was slowly fixed up one strand at a time.
When that was done, the baby was glue down to join the parents.The words "Our 2nd Anniversary" was written in acrylic paint with a needle. A paintbrush would give too big of a mess and might ruin the display item.
 I'm really happy with how the it all turned out, especially the little baby. It was something new and it still came out lovely.
 The little baby.
Adorable little one.
The End!

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