Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dip Dye , Tie Dye Shirts

 It's a colourful day! When I got home yesterday, my sister and her friends ( G.I.Locket ) were dip-dying their clothes. And so, I decided to join in and went on a hunt for old or dye-able clothes. Here are a few photos.
 Everyone started soaking their clothes in different coloured solution.
 Purple seems to be a favourite.

 Pink is quite favourable too.
 I didn't want to flood the post with too many photos, but then I couldn't pick which to put up.
 The whole process was actually pretty simple. After following the instructions on the package to soak the clothes, you'll just need to bring the clothes to be soaked in cold water, warm water and then cold water again. This allows the colour to get 'locked' in the clothing. 

 Do take note that some of the colour would come off, and that is normal. Squeeze the shirt as it's being soaked into the cold and warm water. It's okay for the colours to come off a little. Leave them aside to dry after that. We let ours sit in the living room beneath the fan.
They turn out quite pretty don't they?
 I tried tie-dying too. I didn't know if it'll work at first.
But I'm glad it did! Check it out! Pretty cool eh? Maybe you could try them too!
That's all for this randomly colourful post. Bye!

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