Friday, 5 October 2012

New Pet Balloons!

 Morning everyone! How's everyone doing? This picture above was taken after eating 'Indomee Super Hot' from Lunch Box. And yes, it was really super hot! My first mouthful and I could feel the heat bursting out of my ears! Phew! It was nice though. Spicy food are awesome!

This week has been another busy week for me. Fun Factory is over (Which I just came to realize I have not posted anything about it yet. I shall update you guys soon about it.) and Talent Night 2012 has came and gone as well.
 We did the props for Talent Night. From the buildings with tiny windows to the backdrop and everything else. As always, props are made and they go up slowly.. but demolishing it was way easier and the 'Godzillas' really enjoyed smashing the buildings. Oh wells, at least everything has passed now.
 A rainbow painted canvas. Things were added on after that, but I somewhat still like it plain. (perhaps with a white silhouette butterfly).
 October is a pretty good month. It's only 5th and I already have 3 big orders for BoxOfHobbies. Time is gonna be spent wisely! The picture above shows a sneak peak of one of my projects. Still halfway done.
 Was thinking about Roxy in college and started drawing this. Alright, so maybe I over-puffed her. But I couldn't resist it. So adorable!
The original Roxy.

*Commercial voice* Have you ever wanted a pet but couldn't have one? Maybe your family didn't want one? Or you're allergic to fur? Or perhaps it's just a little too messy to keep one! No worries! We have a new kind of pet in town! I call it, the Follow-Me Pet!
 Toddlers LOVE them and they're definitely great for parties or even just to surprise someone. Bring one for a walk and see how your neighbors react!
 These are the designs I currently have. We have lots of different pets in store! From the household doggy, to the t-rex of long long ago. The tortoise is already sold out though. You can purchase them from BoxOfHobbies ! All they need to eat is a little Helium. They can survive for approximately 2 weeks before they need a 'revival'. Yes, they are REUSABLE. How awesome is that?!
Anyways, I'm going to end this post with a giant smile from 'I haven't got a nice name for my awkward rhino yet. Hmm.. any suggestions?' and me! Tadaaa! Bye!

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