Friday, 19 October 2012

Tutorial : Avacado Ham Sandwich

 Hey everyone! It's a happy Friday!
 I took my first #ootd ( Outfit Of The Day ) photo ! It's my newly self dip dyed top and I matched it with my brand new white cotton on pants! I loved how the dip dye top turned out to be. The colour's just awesome!

Anyways, yesterday, I made a special sandwich. I was hungry at about 3/4pm and there was nothing much to eat at home. I did some treasure hunt and finally got some goodies. I was feeling adventurous and wanted to experiment with the food available. So, here's a random tutorial on an Avacado Ham Sandwich. (Avacado Benefits)

 Honestly, you don't really need a tutorial on this. But since I already have the photos, let's pretend it's a professionally made sandwich! Here goes :

What is needed : 
2 slices of bread
butter knife
bread cutting knife?

 First of all, set a slice of bread on a plate. (Yes, I'm going to guide you on EVERY little step)
 Slice the avacado into half and use the butter knife to scrape the inside of the avacado. Spread it nicely on the bread slice according to how thick you'd like it to be. ( The sandwich is actually really good with the avacado. The next time I make this, I'd spread more avacado. )
 Random ham slices I found in my fridge. I decided to use both.
 Tadaa! Ham makes everything better, doesn't it? 
I wanted to add lettuce and some veg, but sadly, my house ran out of veg. Poor me. Do make sure you add some to yours! Veg is good for you! *insert smiley face*
Take the 2nd slice of bread and gently stack it on top of your half-made sandwich. Use the 'bread-cutting knife' to slice your square bread into triangle sandwiches!
Showcase your brilliant work (and my ingenious idea) this way. Then, gobble them down or choose to share them with the people you love.

That's the end of the tutorial. And now, you've learnt how to make a wonderful sandwich! Yay!
That is all. Toodles!

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