Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rainbow Glass Bottles

Here's a random picture!
Today's post will be about rainbow glass bottles. Well, just a short post for now actually. I will make another post after 12am. I'm starting to try to separate posts instead of clattering different things into one like how I used to do.
 It's bath the bottles day. I found all of these sitting inside of my glass display. I haven't seen them for a very very long time and they've all grown mustaches & beards (dust).
 I used to make coloured water with magic markers and then decorate them with beads, glitter and other interesting shiny stuff. When you shake the bottle, everything becomes shimmery.
 Here's a whole family of my special rainbow water.
 Took them out, cleaned them and realize how beautiful they are. I made them when I was still in primary school.
And this special one was done in form 3? I bought special paint for ceramic and glass. Enjoyed painting all these and give them away as gifts. Because it's a special paint, the cups or glass bottles can be used and washed without the paint coming off. 

Hmm. Perhaps I should start painting cups again and probably have them up on BoxOfHobbies .
That's all. 30mins plus till I put up my next post! Yipee!

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