Thursday, 25 October 2012

Shopping And Drawing

 This is my trophy. Apparantly, I was one of the five who won a song writing competition in CIMP. The melody of the song is the same, all you have to do is change the lyrics. I submitted purely to get marks for my malaysian studies subject (everyone who submits will get marks) and never thought I could've won. But tadaa, here's the trophy, and I'll be getting extra marks too!
 Oh how I love the colour blue. Look at that adorable whale on the right! These two iphone covers were drawn by me for a friend's class assignment. They are to come up with products to sell for their business class.
During break today, Michele and I went around shopping in Pyramid. And these are what I bought! I felt so happy buying the platform heels. I've fallen in love with shoes lately so I got really excited in the shop. Both the canvas shoe and the platform heels would be redecorated. I will be drawing/painting on them. Transforming them like how a caterpillar would turn into a butterfly! I'm really excited about it!
 The awesome platform heels!
 That's all for today. Bye!

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