Friday, 19 October 2012

Turquoise Green Hair

 Hi everyone! This was taken yesterday at Yumey's mom's shop. Remember that patch of green hair I had hidden at the back of my head? It faded after some time and turned brownish. Now, it's time to make it green again!
 That's Yumey's smelly leg.
 Dip dye hair when you're wearing a self dip dyed top! Double dip dye!
Since my hair beneath was already bleached, all they had to do was to add the colour. So it didn't take very long.
Yay! The colour turned out a more turquoise green and I'm really happy it came out that way.
 I think my face is a little odd in the first picture on the left, but I still like the picture cause you could see a nice turquoise green patch on my hair there. Happy!
 ( My hair's a little puffy cause Yumey and her mom tied my hair before I left. )
The turquoise green hair goes peek-a-boo !
Only the inside was dip dyed.
Love the picture on the right. This photo was combined with 3 different apps. Love the font!
I have quite a lot I want to post about now. I shall wait till it's night time or midnight for the next post. People who's always hungry would love my next post! Toodles!

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