Friday, 28 September 2012

Tutorial : Mickey/Minnie Ears In Minutes

 The picture above shows a merman (sadly you can't see his 'tail') and a Minnie mouse!
This picture was taken on a 24th Sept 2012, Monday in Sirius Scholar. 

It's my 2nd time working! I am currently doing some data entry in my old school - Sirius Scholar. Click here to see my blog post of my first job ! On the first day of work, it was coincidentally their theme day! And this theme day was "Disney". The teachers would be coming and Mr and Mrs.Incredibles while those working in the office would come as Mickey/Minnie. It was already pretty late when I got to know, so I decided to DIY and make my own ears!

What you will need : 
Black Paper Cardstock
Glue/Double-sided Tape

 I used the circumference of the double-sided tape for the ears and cut 4 pieces out. Then, get a long wire, fold into half and twist them around to make a thicker wire.

Line the wire around the ear as shown in the picture. Don't forget to leave some sticking out the bottom for later. It is needed to hold onto the hairband. To hold the wires in place, use any kind of tape available. I used masking tape.
 Next, get your glue or double-sided tape. I used double-sided tape all around the ear.
 When that is done, sandwich the wire with the other black circle piece. With that, you will get one side of mickey/minnie's ears!
 Do the same for the other side. When that is done, you already have both ears! Just put them in place and twist the wires around the hairband! It is THAT easy!

Do add your own ribbon if you wish to. I wanted to but didn't had the time as it was already midnight. Oh well, it still turned out adorable.
Now, anyone can be Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse !
 Minnie enough for you? 

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