Tuesday, 26 June 2012

An Usher For Jayesslee's Concert 2012

Hey guys! I couldn't choose which picture to use. So I placed both! Yay! Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know (as I've said in my previous post), that I worked for the very first time! And it's a super amazing job - to me it is! I worked as an usher at Jayesslee's concert. How awesome is that?
 Check out the hall! As ushers, we had to put up signage, stick 'reserve' stickers on a few chairs and play the 'Laser Game'. Yeap! The 'Laser Game'. Don't know what that is? Well, here are the rules and instructions :

1. Spy for a camera, handphone or any digital devices.
2. Analyse if victim is using it to record videos.
3. If 'no', go back to step 1. If 'yes', prepare laser and continue to step 4.
4. Prepare your laser, aim and ZAP!
5. Zap till the digital devices is placed back down and restart at step 1.

Rules : Try not to distract the other audiences & don't shoot into people's faces.

The 'Laser Game' was so much fun! It felt like I'm playing the Toy Story 3 game in Disneyland, but even better! Silly me.
  Janice and Sonia in the meet & greet for the VIPs & VVIPs!

Here's a few pictures taken on that day :
 That dude there's the security guard! He doesn't look all that scary in the second picture now eh?
Just had to take a picture of this. That's all for today's post! Sayonara!

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