Thursday, 14 June 2012

Joy Of Winning A Giveaway

Dear people who reads my blog! ♥
I'm extremely super duper uberly filled with joy today! I feel like lifting off and jump right to the moon to celebrate! Want to know why?
Gosh I'm so excited!
Here's why : 

Hmm. Can't really see it huh? Well, here goes again :

Woots!! I actually WON a giveaway! How exciting is that?! All I did was comment on the site, and tadaa! I got it! Best of all, it's something I would actually LOVE to have! It's all the goodies that involves crafting, and it totals up to more than USD100 ! I am so blessed! Thank You Lord! ♥

If you want to check out what I'll be receiving in the whole package, click here!

I am really extremely happy when I received a mail regarding this. God is amazing isn't He? I am indeed very blessed. Well, my post today would just be this. I have something else too, but let's save that for tomorrow. (It's only half done anyways).

Here's a beautiful + adorable song to brighten up your heart!
I love it! I love how they made it so bouncy and fun! Well, enjoy and toodles! Thanks for dropping by! I love you guys! ♥ I really do!

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