Sunday, 24 June 2012

Usher Shoes - Jayesslee Concert

 Hello people! How are you guys doing? Everything has just been pretty lovely for me. It's a pretty busy season but it's ever more exciting, fun and challenging! All these are because of EMERGE KL 2012 !!!! Woohooo!!
If you haven't heard about Emerge yet, you'd better click here before you miss all the fun! Anyways, I will get back to that in a later post. Today, I'm going to tell you a great news and what I did (partly crafty) !
I doubt you need me to say it since the picture is there. Oh well, I'm still going to say it anyways : SATURDAY WAS THE VERY FIRST TIME I WORKED. Yep. And, best of all, I WAS WORKING AS AN USHER AT JAYESSLEE's CONCERT (organized by Creative Central)! ♥

There. I said it. *smiles like a maniac*

 Well, for the job, we need to be dressed in black top, black jeans and shoes. They never said black shoes, but I thought it would be nice for everything to be completely black. Besides, I need a new pair of black shoes.
 I took this pair out from the shoe cabinet and started working on it. Yes, I know. It's not such a bad shoe and it's actually pretty nice. But, I seldom wear them now and the colours are getting more dull by the day. Plus, since I love crafts and such, I really wanted to try something new. Even if it means just getting them all black.
 And with that, I started. I cut off the ugly part of the ribbon and made them shorter. I actually tried removing the whole ribbon wanting to make ruffles instead, but the ribbons wouldn't come off.
 And so, I just started that way. I painting black acrylic paint all over the entire shoe.
 Tadaa! These are my new pair of black shoes! It's simple and easy to match!
I doubt this thing actually helps cause the shoe has fabric and the texture and such are different, but I sprayed it on anyways. The paint would probably be easy to come off with water, but it was still fun doing the entire thing. And besides, it's black. So it would always seem clean and the shoe should be able to last quite some time. So yeah. End of the story and it's time for me to head to bed!

Alright! Bye!

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