Wednesday, 27 June 2012

SMU Cluster

 "Hey everyone! It's 5:11am right now and I'm still here!"

That was the only line I wrote before I fainted in my bed due to exhaustion. Anyways, everything is beautifully blue this entire week! Why? Well, Emerge KL 2012 is back!! Not sure what it is? Check out this video below :

How cool is that? A super amazingly huge event that ANYONE can join the many competitions and make friends on the way! All you have to do is get into a cluster! (Whispers : SMU is the best!) 

Click here for more info on Emerge KL 2012 !
If you're interested, you can check out which cluster you are in here, and quickly join a cluster :

M.I.N.T Cluster:
Quickly! Join us all in this superbly amazing season of competitions! Interested but don't dare to join? No worries! We have supporters! We'll cheer for you and be with you the whole way! Completely not interested?! Come BE our supporter and hype up the entire thing! Make a difference in a cluster TODAY! *wink*

Of course, we do encourage you to step up and join competitions. Learn to challenge yourself and try something new! Most of all, have fun!

Just so you know, for this Emerge, I'm actually chosen as one of the cluster leaders! Since this event will be running through the whole July and August, these 2 months will be an extremely hectic one for me. I almost rejected the offer out of fear, but God is good. Somehow I said yes and it's really an honor to be able to hold such a role. At times, I get scared and worried, but again, this must be God's plan to stretch and grow me. Enlarge my capacity and train my character. Thank You Lord, for such a great opportunity. Blessed, I am blessed.

 The other day, I decided to have some fun and change W57's group icon to SMU's logo. Ian Lee (my cell leader)'s first reply was : "Eh! Apa niiii.......?". Then we started having a group icon changing war. It was fun. "Conquer the cell groups!! Then the world!!"

Introducing, the maid :
See, even the maid supports SMU! It must be the BEST team! 
Don't forget to join us here if you're a S.M.U!


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