Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Banana Un-Ice-Creamed

Hey everyone! I'm having banana ice cream that is not an ice cream! Confusing? Here's a recipe for homemade banana 'ice cream'.

Ingredients you will need : 
1. Bananas

Things you need :
1. Freezer
2. Zip Lock Bag (or other container)
3. Blender

 Yeap! Banana is all that you need.
 Take a couple of bananas, depending on how much you want and place them in the freezer.
I did not peel the skin off first, but I suggest you do so as it's harder to peel when frozen.
Peel the banana and place them in the blender. Blend them till it turns into puree. I was lazy to use the blender, so I mashed them instead. The blender-made ones would have a much nicer texture.
When that is done, place it in the freezer again.
After about 15minutes (or less), take the frozen bananas out and serve. Mashed bananas would naturally have a creamier texture and thus, ending up like ice cream! That's all for the post today! Thanks for dropping by! *fades away as a puff of smoke appeared out of nowhere*


  1. Container can? Cuz I dun have any zip lock bag. and that ice cream looks tasty XP

  2. Yeap! Container would work fine :D hehe. Most important is freezing it then only blending it. ;)