Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Clay Truffles And Octopus

Hello beautiful! I love this gif above. It shows I-Love-You!
Anyways, here's what I got up to today! Chopping carrots!
 That's a lot of carrots now, isn't it?
 This morning, I woke up and starting crafting immediately. I was hoping to get more stuff done and more old clay used up before it grows TOO old. They tend to get harden and crumbly as they're left longer. Too late though, I end up having to condition clay for more than about an hour and a half or longer. Sigh. Oh well, at least I got something done!
Check out the two new little octopus! Aren't they adorable? There's only two of them though. They seem really easy to make in my mind, but they both actually took forever to be done! I gave up and move on to making truffles after that. I thought I would be able to make several different colours. Like some rainbow series or something, but I was wrong.
Using the extra conditioned clay to make some truffles. I only manage to make a couple of them. I used different colours to make as well. Orange truffles doesn't seem as yummy to me. Here's the caramel one.
 First, I got the filling done and roll it up into a ball.
Squish it here and there and add some chocolate waves. Then, I took a bite out of it! Yummy!
Other than the caramel one, I have two strawberry flavoured and 2 orange flavoured truffles. I think the small bite out of them made it even more tempting to get another bite out of it. Don't you think so? Well, they would be available on BoxOfHobbies, so remember to check them out!

That's my baby girl alright! And she says bye!


  1. Please teach me how to use clay properly!! somehow my sculpture always end up like a pile of shiny brown poop.....

  2. Haha!! Really?
    You'd like to know about conditioning the clay or about molding it? (: What kind of sculptures are you trying to make? (: