Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Crumbs, Bangsar

This is us. My sister, my brother & I. 
One night, my dear sister went "Oh! Let's be adventurous! Let's drive somewhere further away to have dessert!", and thus, the journey began. The sister hunted for a couple of shops with the net and we ended up in The Crumbs, Bangsar.
 The place was very small, but extremely adorable! Their shop seems to revolve around mustaches! There were random pictures of people (even grandmas and babies) with scribbled on mustaches pinned up on the wall as well as other adorable things.
 How lovely. This is my kind of a place to visit. Check out their menu!
 I love it!
 Vanilla milkshake with rainbow sprinkles that brightens up everybody's day!
 This brownie with the super huge ice cream is the BEST! It's not too chocolatey, neither is it too dull tasting. It's just nice and it's moist! Perfect! Together with the vanilla ice cream, W-O-W! If you ever visit The Crumbs, be sure to try this out!
 Vanilla Creme Brulee

Have a closer look at the menu items :
 They have funny names for their drinks, don't you think? The Toothbrush? Mmm..
 Did you see that? Grasshopper milkshake?!
When we went to the counter to pay, this is what greeted us! How adorable. I love the little note!
Well, that is all for today's random post on food. Thanks for dropping by. And really, if you do visit this place, you MUST NOT miss the brownie with the vanilla ice cream! Really really! Alright! Time to go, bye!

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