Friday, 22 June 2012

Birthday Girl In A Jar

Hello adorable humankind! Today's post is to show you what I did a couple of weeks ago! I am only posting it now because it was a birthday gift order and I couldn't post it up till it has been placed in the rightful receiver's hands. Jeng Jeng Jengg. Alright. So here goes :
 I made the dress and the bald head first.
 Then I added hair and made her smile. After this, it was time to 'bake' her. I will paint her eyes on at a later stage.
 Her birthday gifts were made. Some even had adorable ribbons on them!
I tried to arrange the gifts around to see what would look best. I did not stick them right away though, else it wouldn't fit in the jar.
Using tweezers and chopsticks, I glued them down one by one. Gosh it was tough to get them at the right place. It had to be done fast too as I was using the hot glue gun. They dry and harden real fast. There was once where I almost touched the glue to the head! If that was so, say hello to making a new girl from scratch.

If you're planning to try this out, I recommend that you practice using a chopsticks and bringing the pieces in and out of the jar without touching one another. I still do that for every little jar goodies that I make.
The customer asked me to help wrap. My wrapping skills are not as great, but ta-daa! It actually turned out pretty adorable. (Square gifts are not very friendly to me sometimes.. or.. most of the times.)

That is all! A short simple yet lovely post!

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