Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tutorial : Clay Hedgehog Charms

Hedgehogs are awesome! Don't you agree?
Here's a tutorial on making these adorable hedgehogs!
These 4 could be bought in BoxOfHobbies ! Make them into a keychain, necklace or bracelet charm!

Here's what you need : 
1. Beige & Brown clay
2. Black acrylic paint
3. Anything with a small round end (for the eyes)
4. Eyepin or headpin
5. Varnish (optional)

Let's start!
 Roll a round piece of beige clay to form the body of the hedgehog. You can make it longer if you want, but I like them fat and round.
 Gently press one side of the ball clay to make a sharper end. This would be the hedgehog's face.
 This step is very easy, but takes up a little time. You will need to pluck out tiny bits of brown clay and roll them into mini sized balls. You'll need a lot of them to cover the whole body.
You can start anywhere, but I like to frame the face before I cover the rest of the body.
 Roll out two longer piece of beige clay for the ears.
Make sure they're equally as long and fold the middle to form the above.
 Position the ears and press them down.
 Add it's little nose,
 and it's little feet! You're pretty much done! Place the eyepin or headpin in the middle of the body and bake it at 110degrees celcius for about 7-10minutes.
 Next, take your acrylic paint out and find something with a small rounded end. Dip it in the ink and test the size on a piece of rough paper.
 If the size is alright, go ahead and let your hedgehog gain the power of sight!
Finally, coat them with a layer of varnish! Now, they're ready to be anything you'd like them to be! That's all for this post. Thanks for reading!


  1. joe! dionne here, where do you get the clay? btw they're so cute but im broke :'(

  2. Hey Dionne! (:
    I get my clay from One Utama's Craft Haven! :D They sell 57g (one colour) for Rm10.50 and Rm11 for the other special colours (silver, gold, shiny clay, etc). hehe.
    Aww, save up some money when you can ;) haha!

    Show me your work if you tried the tutorial out k? :P Would love to see it! hehe!