Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Clay Girl With Puppy

Hey everyone! It's been quite a few days hasn't it? I actually have a lot to share, but am only able to now for it has been another busy week. Oh yea! This here's my cousin from the UK. Her name is Dawn, do say hi!

Alrighty! Today's post will be one of my customized orders from BoxOfHobbies ! More little jar gifts could be found here !
 I started with the lighter colours first - beige. This will be the head and the hands.

 This was made as a birthday gift. I was told the birthday girl loves yellow. And so, the dress was made with yellow clay! I think it looks really sweet. Don't you think so?

She makes me think of Little Thumbelina.
 Head checked, arms checked, dress checked, smile checked. She'll be needing some hair!
 Hmm..? I wonder what this will be.. a little box?
 Little hands! From the box? What could be in it?
I already find it adorable at this point. What about you? Can you figure out what it is already?
 Yes of course! A little puppy in a gift box! Now the girl will need some eyes to see the puppy. Let's make her look a little happier!
 This is the final product! I can't believe this, but I actually FORGOT to take a photo of my work from the front! This photo was stolen from the birthday girl's Facebook page.
I did though, take picture of the back. I like how to photo is so clear. Credits to my dear sister's camera.
All wrapped up! I think my wrapping skills have improved! 

Well, that is all for today. Tomorrow, there will probably be a quick tutorial of something I tried for my very first time. It turned out as a success right away and can be done real quick! Hope you guys will enjoy it. 

Alright. Time for me to get back to work! Toodles!


  1. What did you use to make the clay glaze? I would really love a response from this. Thank You by the way! :)

    1. Hi Alvin!
      So sorry for the very late reply. I've seen the comment but couldn't reply at that moment and forgot about it then.

      I did not make the clay glaze, but bought it from a warehouse in Cheras.