Thursday, 20 September 2012

Gold And Silver Rosette Earrings

Today is 'Nerd Day' in CIMP. This was how I looked like in college today. My hair was braided by Shaujin! I love how the back looks with the bleached gold hair at both sides. I didn't know it looked this way from the back till all my classes were over.
Handmade earrings! I wanted to show this 'sneak peek' yesterday, but I forgot to post it up in the end.
I know they're not the same, but the earrings I made were inspired by this pair. I fell in love with them once I saw them. I didn't buy them right then though. Why? Because they're priced at RM25!! I only decided to buy them the third time I came by the shop and couldn't stop thinking about them.

Because of these beautiful darlings, I've made pretty earrings of my own! Yipee! I'm really happy with the result.
A simple yet lovely piece.
 A lovely touch of a pink rose! I love how it turned out to be.
 Silver base earrings
All these are available at BoxOfHobbies ! As I was writing this post, 2 of them are already sold!
Hurry up and check them out!

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