Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Golden Pheonix

Meow! Hello everyone! This here's a bubble cat pin going for Rm3 at BoxOfHobbies! There's only ONE available, so do grab it fast before it's gone! Anyways, today post will be a short one. I do have more to post, but it's not done yet. It'll probably be out tomorrow then. Well, here goes.. 
I have this small black carbon board piece lying at home. So instead of just leaving it there catching dust for months, I decided to finally use it. I love pheonix and thought that I should just try my luck if it turns out nice. I started with the wings.
Then comes the outline of the body. At this point I felt that it didn't look too good. I thought the card would turn out to be wasted. I continued on though.
More tail feathers added.
The end result! I love it! Of course, the gold is not THAT bright at first glance, but when light shines on it, it's simply gorgeous! Yay! Am glad it turns out lovely.
That's all for this post! Do stay tune for the next post which will be a tutorial! Bye!

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