Friday, 7 September 2012

Just The Week That Passed

Hi Beautiful People! I've missed you guys!
I still haven't really touched any crafts yet as I'm still sorting out the new craft room. Anyways, here's a little something on what has happened this past week.
Pastor Peter Ting has been posting Facebook notes about BGR. I found them really interesting and talked to him about it. I was asking if he has a book on that particular note he posted. He did not, but had a different book and decided to bless me with it. I haven't started reading it due to the busy schedule, but I shall start real soon! Thanks Pastor Peter Ting!
I've also gotten my Pyramid Privilege Card! I got the 'voucher' to get one from Emerge KL 2012. This allows me to get discounts from certain shops. Not bad.
Cotton On! It was my FIRST time spending with a debit card! A bad habit, I know. I shall do my best to discipline myself from growing the habit! That day was also the FIRST time I bought a long white pants! I've always wanted one but never get them because my brain keeps whispering to me that it'll get dirty real quick.
I have been sorting things into where they should be and labeling the boxes! My bubble wrap itself takes up one box!
And yesterday, I have been spending 2hours+ untangling strings, measuring them, cutting them and tying them into necklaces! Now one stack is done. I have another stack, but I shall only touch that when this batch runs out. See, simple things may not be so simple after all. Would you expect 2hours was spent just from doing just the necklaces?

Well, that is all for today's post! I shall post more when I can!
Toodles! ♥

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