Wednesday, 27 June 2012

SMU Cluster

 "Hey everyone! It's 5:11am right now and I'm still here!"

That was the only line I wrote before I fainted in my bed due to exhaustion. Anyways, everything is beautifully blue this entire week! Why? Well, Emerge KL 2012 is back!! Not sure what it is? Check out this video below :

How cool is that? A super amazingly huge event that ANYONE can join the many competitions and make friends on the way! All you have to do is get into a cluster! (Whispers : SMU is the best!) 

Click here for more info on Emerge KL 2012 !
If you're interested, you can check out which cluster you are in here, and quickly join a cluster :

M.I.N.T Cluster:
Quickly! Join us all in this superbly amazing season of competitions! Interested but don't dare to join? No worries! We have supporters! We'll cheer for you and be with you the whole way! Completely not interested?! Come BE our supporter and hype up the entire thing! Make a difference in a cluster TODAY! *wink*

Of course, we do encourage you to step up and join competitions. Learn to challenge yourself and try something new! Most of all, have fun!

Just so you know, for this Emerge, I'm actually chosen as one of the cluster leaders! Since this event will be running through the whole July and August, these 2 months will be an extremely hectic one for me. I almost rejected the offer out of fear, but God is good. Somehow I said yes and it's really an honor to be able to hold such a role. At times, I get scared and worried, but again, this must be God's plan to stretch and grow me. Enlarge my capacity and train my character. Thank You Lord, for such a great opportunity. Blessed, I am blessed.

 The other day, I decided to have some fun and change W57's group icon to SMU's logo. Ian Lee (my cell leader)'s first reply was : "Eh! Apa niiii.......?". Then we started having a group icon changing war. It was fun. "Conquer the cell groups!! Then the world!!"

Introducing, the maid :
See, even the maid supports SMU! It must be the BEST team! 
Don't forget to join us here if you're a S.M.U!


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

An Usher For Jayesslee's Concert 2012

Hey guys! I couldn't choose which picture to use. So I placed both! Yay! Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know (as I've said in my previous post), that I worked for the very first time! And it's a super amazing job - to me it is! I worked as an usher at Jayesslee's concert. How awesome is that?
 Check out the hall! As ushers, we had to put up signage, stick 'reserve' stickers on a few chairs and play the 'Laser Game'. Yeap! The 'Laser Game'. Don't know what that is? Well, here are the rules and instructions :

1. Spy for a camera, handphone or any digital devices.
2. Analyse if victim is using it to record videos.
3. If 'no', go back to step 1. If 'yes', prepare laser and continue to step 4.
4. Prepare your laser, aim and ZAP!
5. Zap till the digital devices is placed back down and restart at step 1.

Rules : Try not to distract the other audiences & don't shoot into people's faces.

The 'Laser Game' was so much fun! It felt like I'm playing the Toy Story 3 game in Disneyland, but even better! Silly me.
  Janice and Sonia in the meet & greet for the VIPs & VVIPs!

Here's a few pictures taken on that day :
 That dude there's the security guard! He doesn't look all that scary in the second picture now eh?
Just had to take a picture of this. That's all for today's post! Sayonara!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Usher Shoes - Jayesslee Concert

 Hello people! How are you guys doing? Everything has just been pretty lovely for me. It's a pretty busy season but it's ever more exciting, fun and challenging! All these are because of EMERGE KL 2012 !!!! Woohooo!!
If you haven't heard about Emerge yet, you'd better click here before you miss all the fun! Anyways, I will get back to that in a later post. Today, I'm going to tell you a great news and what I did (partly crafty) !
I doubt you need me to say it since the picture is there. Oh well, I'm still going to say it anyways : SATURDAY WAS THE VERY FIRST TIME I WORKED. Yep. And, best of all, I WAS WORKING AS AN USHER AT JAYESSLEE's CONCERT (organized by Creative Central)! ♥

There. I said it. *smiles like a maniac*

 Well, for the job, we need to be dressed in black top, black jeans and shoes. They never said black shoes, but I thought it would be nice for everything to be completely black. Besides, I need a new pair of black shoes.
 I took this pair out from the shoe cabinet and started working on it. Yes, I know. It's not such a bad shoe and it's actually pretty nice. But, I seldom wear them now and the colours are getting more dull by the day. Plus, since I love crafts and such, I really wanted to try something new. Even if it means just getting them all black.
 And with that, I started. I cut off the ugly part of the ribbon and made them shorter. I actually tried removing the whole ribbon wanting to make ruffles instead, but the ribbons wouldn't come off.
 And so, I just started that way. I painting black acrylic paint all over the entire shoe.
 Tadaa! These are my new pair of black shoes! It's simple and easy to match!
I doubt this thing actually helps cause the shoe has fabric and the texture and such are different, but I sprayed it on anyways. The paint would probably be easy to come off with water, but it was still fun doing the entire thing. And besides, it's black. So it would always seem clean and the shoe should be able to last quite some time. So yeah. End of the story and it's time for me to head to bed!

Alright! Bye!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Birthday Girl In A Jar

Hello adorable humankind! Today's post is to show you what I did a couple of weeks ago! I am only posting it now because it was a birthday gift order and I couldn't post it up till it has been placed in the rightful receiver's hands. Jeng Jeng Jengg. Alright. So here goes :
 I made the dress and the bald head first.
 Then I added hair and made her smile. After this, it was time to 'bake' her. I will paint her eyes on at a later stage.
 Her birthday gifts were made. Some even had adorable ribbons on them!
I tried to arrange the gifts around to see what would look best. I did not stick them right away though, else it wouldn't fit in the jar.
Using tweezers and chopsticks, I glued them down one by one. Gosh it was tough to get them at the right place. It had to be done fast too as I was using the hot glue gun. They dry and harden real fast. There was once where I almost touched the glue to the head! If that was so, say hello to making a new girl from scratch.

If you're planning to try this out, I recommend that you practice using a chopsticks and bringing the pieces in and out of the jar without touching one another. I still do that for every little jar goodies that I make.
The customer asked me to help wrap. My wrapping skills are not as great, but ta-daa! It actually turned out pretty adorable. (Square gifts are not very friendly to me sometimes.. or.. most of the times.)

That is all! A short simple yet lovely post!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Banana Un-Ice-Creamed

Hey everyone! I'm having banana ice cream that is not an ice cream! Confusing? Here's a recipe for homemade banana 'ice cream'.

Ingredients you will need : 
1. Bananas

Things you need :
1. Freezer
2. Zip Lock Bag (or other container)
3. Blender

 Yeap! Banana is all that you need.
 Take a couple of bananas, depending on how much you want and place them in the freezer.
I did not peel the skin off first, but I suggest you do so as it's harder to peel when frozen.
Peel the banana and place them in the blender. Blend them till it turns into puree. I was lazy to use the blender, so I mashed them instead. The blender-made ones would have a much nicer texture.
When that is done, place it in the freezer again.
After about 15minutes (or less), take the frozen bananas out and serve. Mashed bananas would naturally have a creamier texture and thus, ending up like ice cream! That's all for the post today! Thanks for dropping by! *fades away as a puff of smoke appeared out of nowhere*

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Handmade Bead Bracelets

A toothbrush in my hair! I forgot my hair tie the other day and so I used a toothbrush instead!

Anyways, back to the actual post. I'm going to show you what I made a couple of weeks ago.
 Here's a pile of orange clay. I conditioned them and rolled them out into little balls.
 Then, I rolled the two ends and tried to get them in shape. Once that is done, I added a hole in the middle to make them into beads. Then I covered them in a layer of varnish.
 And they are left to dry. I used pin needles to pick each one up so that I would not touch the sides of the beads till they dry.
 Then I made some round green beads.
 I think they look like carrot and peas. What do you think?
 After they're dried, I took a long elastic string, measure the desired length, add a few cm more and place a clip to hold the beads in place. Then I started placing them one by one. Some of them had slightly smaller holes which would not fit the string. I used a sewing needle to help me get them through.
 These are the end results. I wanted to make more colours but I got tired conditioning them all. Perhaps I'll be making more colours soon though. This was done for a customer and he loved it!
 The lovely bracelets. Simple as they are, they look pretty good don't you think? I love the first green one. It's very bright and is pretty eye-catching.
Some extra beads. I suppose I would use them for another bracelet where they'll be jumbled up together. That is all for today's post. Bead bracelets done for BoxOfHobbies