Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dolphin & Owl

 Do you like dolphins? Do you like owls?

 Painted this dolphin with left over paint from my previous art. Mosaic Painting. I love it!
Finally finish sewing my Little Hoot! Ears were a little hard to stuff, but overall it looks good. Little Hoot is done! Should she be up for adoption? Leave your comments below!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's Vroom Vroom Day

We waited till our numbers are called. I took the slope, parking and 3 point turn test first. And I passed right away! Thank God for that, really. I was so afraid that my wheel would not get on the yellow line, but it did! Praise God! Even though the clutch felt different [You have to lift your leg higher], I still passed! I'm pretty sure God was sitting next to me!

[Picture Removed]
My paper had everything ticked at 'Lulus' which means 'Pass'
After this, I sat down and waited for them to call my name for the road driving test.
Sorry, the picture couldn't be rotated. Not sure why. Anyways, here shows that I failed. It was the road driving test, and honestly, I really think I did real bad. The car was a different car. Even when my feet stayed still on the clutch, the car moved - which makes me think that I wasn't in the right gear, but actually I was! The gears were harder to move and they felt different. Because of this I wasn't sure of what I'm doing, so I pretty much failed because of them. If it was my instructor's car, I'm sure I'll do alright. Oh well, at least I passed the hard one - slope. All I have to do now is retake the road driving test. My officer's a very quiet guy. I said good morning and so on, but he never talked at all. Later on, my instructor told me he's very strict. At least, that made me feel much better. Well, next Tuesday's another Vroom Vroom Day. Thanks for everyone's prayers and support! I love you!

Maybe I failed the road driving cause the officer sat next to me and God couldn't sit beside me. Hmmm.

Give Blood, Give Life.

Blood. My church had a blood donation drive today! I donated once before in June, and this is my second time! It was quite exciting for me when I donated the first time, and it's still really exciting for me now. Somehow I just find these things interesting. Check out the photos!
Look! That's my blood! The blue droplet is some chemical that's going to be mixed with my blood.

 See the dots? Haemoglobin? Anyways, this test thing shows I have B blood type. What about you?

 Don't worry. It doesn't hurt at all. You should try next time.
 Two samples of my blood to be tested.
 My blood sack being filled!

That girl there is Grace, she's from children church and it's her first time watching someone donate blood close up! Anyways, If you want to donate blood but didn't get to today, we have another blood donation drive on Dec 18th! So pump up your blood, and come along! We want your precious blood! *evil grins*

Oh. Guess what? Yesterday, I found out that preparing food is also like sewing! How?

 I pricked my finger with a satay stick! It makes me think of sewing.
 I also found out that my school's theater showcase will be held in CITY HARVEST KL old building! I was so surprised!! I even double checked the address. Well, that's all. Will post more soon. Have a great day!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Adding Hooks To My Stand

Hey people! Miss me? I didn't have time to update the previous 2 days. Anyways, I'm here now! Let me tell you what I've been up to! 
 This here is what I've been doing. It may seem easy, but it's not as easy as you think. I had to do a whole bunch of them and I'm still not done yet. Paper clips are pretty tough. They make my hands hurt. In my post earlier on, I've said that I bought a new earring stand right? But I want to hang necklaces and keychains and others too. Correct? Well, that's where the hooks come in. They help me hang stuff!

 There you go, I've already hung some rainbow ghosts and a few other stuff. Price tag's not on yet though.
To all the domo fans "Say Hi To Domo!"

The Artworks

For the past few weeks, Art & Design night classes has been working with some mosaic painting. The painting are to be put on sale during Theater Showcase on 1st of Oct. They were all sent to be framed and on Thursday, Teacher William displayed it downstairs in the office. Here's the result of my work!
The blue & grey mosaic piece was my very first one. Could you see what it is?
Hint : It's an animal.
This here's my second piece. We're asked to paint in a way where the lines would seem smooth and obvious.
Someone said the purple should be replaced with blue - Pepsi! Then another person said to replace the purple with green - 100Plus! Creative minds.

One more thing, I'm very very excited and happy about this. I am told that my first painting - the blue & grey mosaic, has already been sold. How much? *laughs like madman* RM150!!! I was shocked when I heard that! I would never imagine any of my paintings being sold for that much! Really. I know paintings cost a lot, but mine? WOW. I've just got to say "Thank You Teacher William!! You're an amazing teacher and your works are brilliant!" , another thing I've got to say is "Thank You Teacher Kim! I'm really glad you liked it that much!"

One last thing for this post.
This is the result of something I've received a couple of months ago. The original thing was all black [covered in carbon] with dull grey markings of the raccoon you see above. A tool was provided to carve out the carbon layer for the silver base to be seen. And tadaaa! This is the beautiful end result! I've had a lot of fun doing this! Took some time [Especially the leaves] but it's all worth it! Beautiful! "Thank You Teacher Kin San for the wonderful thoughtful gift!"

As a 17 year old girl, I think I'm very very blessed. My life is amazing and I'm in love with every tiny bit of it! Although things may not go right all the time, it's great to learn to smile the whole journey! A good or bad day is not determined by what happened to you, but how you react to it! Well, enjoy the rest of your day! ♥

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Bracelets Are Made

Hello my beloveds! I took a pretty long time thinking what I should post today. Then something popped into my mind. I fixed some little handmade charms on chains yesterday. 3 bracelets were born! [Two done yesterday, one today.] Okay. Stop with the talking, it's picture time!

This first piece up here was done today. It has an adorable turtle on it, and 4 tiny matching green beads. The beads were made of left-over clay long time ago. Didn't have plans for it, then an idea just struck to use them with this adorable turtle. It turned out great! I love how it looks.

This second one has snacks and a chocolate bunny added! A pink cupcake that stands out more is fixed in the middle. I love the charm on the right in the pic, it's melted chocolate on a biscuit with a lavender rose on it! Sounds delicious! If only it was real.

3 Cupcakes and Finnish Cinnamon Buns! Not too dark, not too bright. A simple beigy-brown bracelet.

That is all for the three bracelets I made. Here's a little something about today. I downloaded Monster Pet Shop early this morning and tried the game out in the afternoon. Can't say much about it yet, but let me introduce you to a little monster baby! Here goes! 
[ p/s : do not tap the glass ]

Ain't that little monster adorable? I like the green bear beside too! 
 Anyways, it's beddy-by time! So, good nights! Have a sweet sweet waffle dream, everybody!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A New Earring Stand

A new earring stand! I don't wear accessories much, but this is for my little 'BoxOfHobbies' in church! I've been borrowing my beautiful young kind hearted beloved teacher's stand for quite some time and it's about time I get my own and return what belongs to her. [You know who you are. hehe.]
Anyways, this stand will be used for both earrings, keychains and necklaces + other stuff I can think of. Hooks would be put up just like the previous one I used. Show you again next time k? As soon as I set this thing up with the products, I'll take time to go rearrange the box.
This one here is a NEW iphone4 cover! I still have my old one though, and will only change to this if that one somehow spoils or got ruined. Why? I still love my current one [it has a 'slipper' on it! Uber cute!] and my current one cost RM99! It was a gift from my sister paid with my mum's money. Hah! So yeah. Will be using the same cover for a while first.
Tadaaaaa!! 20/25 ! For what? For ENGLISH! You may think English is extremely easy, but let me tell you - IT IS NOT. Well, at least, not in my school. Anyways, I'm super happy with the result and teacher wrote 'Well written. A pity it's so short'. I wished I could write longer too, but the word limit then was still a rule to hold back to. [We were told we need not write lesser than the word limit now.] 
My essay was to write a descriptive essay about a happy couple in a restaurant. Instead of the typical fancy don't-know-how-many-stars restaurant, I put the happy couple in a place filled with green metal tables and chairs --> the casual Indian restaurant we locals call the MAMAK. Curry stains on the floor, stray cats, orders being shouted here and there, etc are all written in my essay. And I'm so proud of it! Well, that's all for today! Time for bed.

Monday, 19 September 2011

My Owl - Little Hoot

Say 'Hello' to Lil Hoot! She isn't completely 'born' yet, but still in the making. Sorry that I don't have bits on how I made her. [I've already finished up pretty much and forgot to take pictures before that]

 This is Lil Hoots being pieced up together. To make sure everything looks good together.
Getting her eyes onto her head. Her tummy and her right eye [left in the picture] is all sewn up. The left eye is being placed properly before sewing.
There we go! Ain't she adorable? Especially with those boogey eyes and that itty bitty beak! Her creater loves her so. Feel like having a giveaway, but this creater has decided that Lil Hoot shall be her study buddy instead! Owls DO stay up late anyways.

Hope you enjoyed today's Hootie Little post! Little Hoot shall have more photos uploaded when she's done being stuffed!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Beginning Of This Blog

What day? The day I have a bloggie named 'thejourneyofaSUPERMOM' ! I've wanted to make a blog called this for some time now, but didn't think I had the time to. Now that I've changed my email, I guess it was time to make this. Honestly, my heart just couldn't resist! I HAD to make it NOW! Anyways, I'm currently having trials for my IGCSE now. Yes. I ain't no real SUPERMOM yet, but I have big dreams of being one. I'm only 17 now and am in love with 2 things. A lot of things.. but these 2 are the main ones.

1. Kids
2. Crafts

Tadaaaa!!! The Supermom-to-be has spoken. Hahaha! I shall be posting more after exams [finals are from 25th Oct till mid Nov.]. Perhaps post some stuff about what I learnt in life and also my beloved crafts! I shall post how I make them too next time! Happy Happy Day for thejourneyofasupermom.blogspot.com has been born! And now I'm off to church with my beautiful sister and handsome brother! Bye!!