Sunday, 12 August 2012

7km Marathon Neon Run , 45 Minutes

Hey beautiful people! How are you doing this morning? I just had a really good 6hour rest! I'm surprised that I actually slept pretty early yesterday. The whole day was so tiring, but it was truly worth it.Why?
I just ran my very FIRST marathon - Emerge Neon Run 2012! Best of all, it was a 7km run and I manage to finish it in 45minutes!!! Really glad with my result and am already excited for the next run. My legs though, commands me never to run again. But too bad, the mind always win. Cheers!
Registration started at 5:30am and the race started at 6:45am. It was a battle with the mind where you have to keep saying that you can still go on. Throughout the journey, I kept looking towards the sky and trying to brainwash myself that the race is easy and there's just a little more to go.

 The happy peeps with their medals!
Amy Soo and I at my place after Emerge Neon Run 2012!
That's all for today's post!! Before I go, let me introduce a new friend to you!
Say 'Hi!' to my new baby! Isn't she beautiful? I can't wait to go for basic classes then start working on projects with her! Alright, that's all for today. More shall be posted soon. Thanks for dropping by!

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