Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Billy The Bookshelf!

Hello there! I love this picture taken by Tiny Scribbles!
That dress I'm wearing there is also my new favourite dress! Anyways, back to today's post. I'll be talking about a new 'family member'. I call them (yes them, they're twins!) "Shelfie" !
On Sunday, my parents and I went to IKEA to hunt for my new bookshelves! I just randomly thought of bookshelves for my crafts one day and googled IKEA. Right away, I fell in love with the Billy Bookshelf 80x202. Yes, I know it's named Billy in the tag, but now I renamed them "Shelfie!"
When I got home, I immediately starting planning where everything goes. It doesn't turn out exactly the same, but it's pretty similar. ♥
With my new bookshelves in the house, I have been reorganizing all my craft materials and shifting them from my room upstairs to the karaoke room (now my craft room) downstairs. 
 Other than the Billy Bookshelves, I also have some new craft stuff!
The first picture (left) above shows my stash of patterned paper. And on the second picture (right) is my friend's. Recently, my friend went overseas for her studies and decided to dump a bunch of heaven into my territory. Yeap! All those on the right are now mine too!
And together, they look like this. All squashed up in a house of box like sardines.
Patterned papers are just one thing. Here's some more! The top left picture shows my stash of coloured paper. Bottom left show my friend's, and on the right is both of them together, now belonging to me! Oh dear! I'm a happy girl! Who could ever run out of pretty papers in my house?

There are tons more goodies which I received in the box of 'heaven', bucouldn't post them all up here. They were quite messy and I didn't bother taking that many pictures of sorting them out.
Lots of my stuff have now moved down and my bookshelves currently look like this. It has been eating a lot don't you think? I like how it looks. So pretty. Some of the red boxes there are actually still empty. Not all, but some. My room was such a mess moving all these things around.
Tadaa! I made my parents take a picture with the plush carrot and broccoli! My dad was very reluctant knowing that I would probably put it on Facebook or something (Which I did not. I just so happen to put it in my blog and link it to Facebook. That's all). I kept saying that once in his life, he would need to do something silly or fun! I manage to get this shot and am very happy with it! Yay! The dad even said "I don't want to eat my broccoli" then when he carried it. How adorable.
And tadaa! Took this picture because I've always wanted a rocking horse but never got one before. Although this is a moose and not a horse, it would have to do. End.

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