Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Supermom Is A MOM!

 Hey guys! How's everyone doing? I have something pretty interesting to share. And yes, it's regarding being a MOTHER! Surprised? Well, truth be told, I have this superb assignment where I had to be a single mother for 7 days! Sounds like a pretty odd assignment doesn't it? Oh well, it's for families studies after all.
 This here's baby Alarice before I decided it shall be a girl.
And yes, I do know that this is Cupido in which the girl should be Cupipi. I didn't have Cupipi, so I thought of just going ahead and transform Cupido into a girl.
 Dresses! The first one looked pretty odd but the second one is fine. Only problem is that it's too long!
 And so, I shortened the dress by adding a elastic band inside. This will be shown probably on my next blog post. See the hook I'm holding there? It's a baby pouch for Baby Alarice. This too, will be shown on my next blog post.
Look! Baby Alarice won the baby beauty pageant!
 Hanging out with Baby Alarice. I've been bringing her out with me quite a lot. Even to church when competition practices were held. Well, it was a fun experience. I took quite a number of pictures and I believe I would be able to score really high for this assignment! Yesh!

1. Movie outing with baby
2. Baby and her friend (Shaujin's baby)
3. Shopping for Baby's shampoo !

Tadaa! Such a mommy me. Well, that's it for today! Thanks for dropping by! Tata!
♥ this picture. Just had to post it out.