Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween-liscious Food

Boo! Halloween is here! We don't really celebrate Halloween in Malaysia, but you know what? I'm still in the spirit to share with you guys some yummyliscious Halloween treats! If you're throwing a little Halloween party, I'd be perfect! Before that, here's a little recycling Halloween craft for you.
Little Pumpkin Display. Adorable, aren't they? These are done pretty easily. How is it recycled? That right there folks, is an old light bulb in disguise! Here's what you need for this :
1. Old lightbulb
2. Permanent markers & Glue
3. White and red paint
4.small piece of cardboard
5. Scrap pieces of ribbons
6. Mini wreath
7. Orange spray paint

All you need to do here, is spray the old light bulb in orange and leave it to dry a bit. While waiting for it to dry, cut out a cardboard star and colour/draw on it with your permanent markers. Glue the cardboard star + scrap ribbon on the top of the light bulb [after you turn it upside down]. You can use superglue or glue gun. For the rosy cheeks of the pumpkin, dab your finger into a tiny bit of red paint and smudge it on the light bulb in a circular motion [makes me think of physics]. Draw on the eyes, nose and mouth with black permanent marker and use a sharp tipped brush to dot the white paint on the eye. Lastly, place the pumpkin on the wreath and stick it on. Now, admire your adorable pumpkin like there's no tomorrow. The end! Fairly easy isn't it?

Let's move on to the food.

I know you've heard of kaya butter waffles, peanut butter chocolate waffles, blueberry choc waffles, choc banana waffles, peanut butter and kaya waffles.. etc, but have you heard of jack o' lantern waffles? Yums!
 To make this, mix a batter of waffle mix and add orange colouring to your liking. Pour the batter onto the waffle making machine as you would a normal waffle. For the eyes, nose and mouth, use choc chips to 'draw' it on. And that is all! You have your jack o' lantern waffles! [You might not want too much spread as the waffle already has choc chips]

 If you're having eggs, this is a pretty adorable idea. 

 Monster cake!
 This is fairly simple, it's just bread with sausages as legs. You could use eggs as the eyes and black olives or cut out seaweed for the pupil. If I'm not wrong, the pink 'web' is a kind of candy. Perhaps you could get those long chewy sour ones? I can't think of the name right now.

Now this one here is really great for parties, especially if it involves kids! Why? It's like a cookie face fixing game for them! Provide them with the cookies & orange plates and they won't bother you for a good number of hours! The cookies pieces are a variety of eyes, nose and mouth. You could add in hair, mustache, or beards too! Kids would have fun fixing up all sorts of funny faces. I think I myself would have that much fun too! I'm such a kid. Tsk tsk.
That is all for today's post! Have a wonderful Halloween people! <-- Pretend you read this early in the morning where it's just the beginning of Halloween. Thank you.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Once Upon A Time

Hey people! Thanks for visiting my blog again. Just a few minutes ago, my family and I were going through old photos. We kids got to see how our parents looked like when they were younger. We've seen some before, but this is way more, and when they were much younger. We found out quite a bit of our old folks here and had a great laugh with our whole family.
 This is my dad. He was in the Singapore Army. Looks pretty cool eh?
 And that's my mom.
Both my parents. Handsome and Beautiful.

 That's me as a baby.

 Oh dear, I wonder if I still sleep like that. I think I still do.
 Andy kor kor and I
 We call him Mr.Bean!
 My sister tried to match make my nephew and I. Yeap, that boy is my nephew and he's the same age as I am.
My sister and I at the beach

That's all for the photos, there are more on my Facebook album. Here's a few other clothes I haven't really worn before. Was sorting out my closet yesterday.

 Wore this once for sleeping at IO Camp. Never wore it again since then cause it's very very warm.. too warm for Malaysia.

That's all! Thanks for reading! Will try to find something more artsy to post about soon.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Magical Glowing Jars

♪ ♫ "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine" ♪ ♫
Don't you just love things that glow in the dark? Well, I do! They seem so magical and fun! Have a look at the picture below. Want to have a go at making them? All you need is a jar, and one or two glowsticks. Be sure to wear gloves, and an old top if you don't want the glowing liquid splatting all over you. The instructions to make one can be found here!
Sadly though, they could only last for an hour or two. Kids would definitely enjoy this though, even if it's only for a while.

IGCSE Examination

Today was our 3rd day of examination. Instead of Yayasan Tun Razak, we had our 'Bio Paper 6' and 'Math Paper 2' in Chorus Hotel instead. It's quite near to KLCC - walking distance.
The above picture shows two of the candidates after the last paper for today.
In picture, Left : Shinji ; Right : Jun Kit

 And here's my happy little Roxy way more comfortable than I am in that huge fat bean bag! [Picture taken yesterday]

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Abandoned Dresses

 Since a few years back, if I wasn't wrong, I've wanted to re-try those baby biscuits. I know I ate them when I was young before, but I couldn't remember how they taste like. In my mind, they are soft and would melt in your mouth. I finally actually went to buy some. Yes, I know I'm weird. But it's life, try everything. So I bought this :
I saw that they had banana flavour, and was thinking to buy that, but the packet was much bigger so I changed my mind. The original flavour came in both small and big boxes. At night, I sneaked down and opened it. It was.. not the soft cookie I thought it would be at all. Oh well, perhaps it'll only become soft when it's in my mouth. So I took a bite, and I was WRONG. It was hard and crunchy! I wonder how babies could eat them. It doesn't taste very bad actually, just that it had this Barley smell which I didn't like much. I ain't a big fan of barley. Yuck. So, I finished that one cookie and didn't touch it ever since. I hope they'll disguise as regular cookies in the kitchen so my family would eat em. [I threw the box]

 Since a few years back, I've enjoyed buying pretty dresses and other clothings. The thing was, I seldom wear them. In fact, once I buy them, I don't wear them at all! Especially dresses, I couldn't find the right occasion to wear. And if I do, I'd always wear the same few. I've got to start learning to wear these abandoned pretty clothes! Help!
 I like the design on this one. It's not like those fancy dinner dresses or so. I find it really nice, just that sometimes when I look in the mirror, I find myself looking fat. The dress has a little bowl-ish shape at the part with patterns. I always try them on, but decide not to go out with it after. Opps.
 This one gives me a homey feeling somehow. It looks sorta like an apron dress.
This here makes me feel like some barbie doll. I never wore it before because I always find it too short. I prefer being able to run around like a homeless child without worries than having to walk slowly and gently like some [what should I write in this blank?]. It has pretty pink apples though and really really look doll-ish. Especially if you have some matching pink shoes and handbags, no?
Well, that is all for this post! Thanks for reading! I might post more unworn clothes soon. All these above have NEVER been worn out. Really. Even that hat in the first picture.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Shrinking Art

Shrink! Shrink! Shrink! Mini-size your artwork in just a few minutes!

I decided to try something out. By shrinking the plastic, the pen ink actually becomes more concentrated in a way, and might result in smudging even after shrinking - unless you use permanent marker [still have, but lesser]. This time, I decided to try my ink pads. I've got various colours by 'Versa Crafts' and decided to try and see if they work.
 The outline is stamped, not drawn. But the rest of the colours are mixed and painted by me. It's a little hard to control how the paint spreads as it's a bit more dry than the usual watercolour.
 The plastic starts to dance about.
 Then it flattens out. I took it out and checked if the ink smudges with my finger. It does, but only a little. I used a transparent spray paint to coat it later on, it made the surface shiny too. It worked! And I continued with 2 other random designs.

 It was getting so exciting just to watch them dance and shrink to about 45% of their size! I just had to make another one. I googled a picture and drew the image below with a permanent marker.

 This picture above shows how they look like after they're shrunk. Wonder what I could use them as now. Hmm. I love the white flower best!

That is all, toodles!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

International Suit Up Day

International Suit Up Day. That's what they called it. A few of us from school decided that we should play along and suit up too, and so, some of us did. [Sadly, not everyone though]
I love the picture above! The alphabets below were random. It somehow makes the picture look better.
Joey, Shaujin and I.

Incoming : A few smart looking group pictures!

I love this last picture! It looks like it's for some college brochure or something. No?
That is all for International Suit Up Day! We basically carried out the same usual schooling day, but dressed differently. Bye!

Making Doughnut Seeds

Wanna know what I mean? Check out the picture below!
 Yeap! Doughnut seeds! In the past few days, after some research. I found out that doughnut seeds grow on plants! Interesting eh? They can be obtained from plants, OR made by dough! Unbelievable? Believe it!
 Nahhhh, I was just kidding. Doughnuts don't grow on plants! It'll sure be fun to have some doughnut seeds around though. And that is how this little post came about! About a week ago [I think], I printed some 'Doughnut Seeds' packages. Drew my own package outline and stick them on, then I put little doughnut-seeds-look-a-likes inside [Cheerios]. Cheerios the breakfast cereal!
I made a few packets and gave them out in school. A few people got tricked that there really were such things though. And it got a few teachers confused and curious. Pretty fun to play with. I think it'd be great into getting kids to have fun eating cereal! Doughnut seeds for breakfast, how cute! 

Monday, 10 October 2011

Drawing Again - 21st May

The last drawing I did before this, was in 21st May. It has been a pretty long while since I touched my sketch book. And even before that, I had very long breaks. I finally decided to take some time to draw something.

 I actually wanted to do a drawing on a girl with a horse. I tried drawing a bit, and thought it looked horrible. So I changed.

 This here's the final result! I'm not very good at those shading stuff yet, but this is what I can do so far. I'm not sure if she looked better with dark hair or unshaded hair.. 
-unshaded hair-
Pretty satisfied with the results, may not seem like what it was exactly supposed to, but am happy with it! And I love her eyes, especially the left one in the picture! Thanks for reading! Love you people!