Saturday, 8 June 2013

Tutorial : Washer Pendant

Washer Pendants!
Washers can be easily be found in hardware stores. You can also recycle them from helium balloons where they are used as weight to hold the balloons down.

Trace around and inside of the washer pendant on a coloured patterned paper.
Of course, you can use plain colours or other designed paper (map,magazine,etc).
Cut the paper out and glue it on the washer. I used tacky craft glue for this.
 Then, I used some Dimensional Magic Mod Podge (you can get them form craft shops) and applied it on top of the patterned paper.
My pink washer's overflowed and I had to cut the middle out with a blade. If this happens, you can always smoothen the sides after cutting the small circle out.

The blue one went pretty well.
The mod podge dries clear (but I noticed the patterned papers got soaked a little and didn't turn out as nice)
and you have washer pendants which you can use as a necklace! Great fun for children as they can decorate it themselves too. Add sequins, beads and many more!
I super glued the strings to the washer pendant.
That is all. A very simple tutorial on washer pendants.

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