Sunday, 23 June 2013

'The Sanhedrin' Priest Necklace

Hi everyone. Here's a behind the scenes post on the making of the props in 'The Sanhedrin' by CHCKL.

The entire production was a great success! Today, I'm going to show you how we made the Priest Necklace Some people call it the Candy Crush Necklace. It’s extremely colourful and gives a burst of joy.

Because of my busy schedule, I was not able to help much with the swords or the shields then (which will take way more time). And thus, I was given the task to be in charge of the priest necklace. I had no idea where to start or what materials to get.
 Our references came from the above. I initially thought of ping pong balls, but they were too big for the necklace and would look horrible. So, I thought of the one thing I always use - clay.
So I made the little paper clay balls at home thinking it would save time when I head over to church to work with the others. But found out later on that the size was still too big. So, we had to remake them. In order to save money, we used tissue & PVA glue instead. Half pack of clay would be wasted if we were only to use them on these.
We had a small team of about 3 person. And occasionally help from other volunteers. As someone tear, soak & rolls up the little tissue balls, another person measures and fix up the outer frame of the necklace. We used a lot of newspapers & masking tapes for this.
All the balls were placed in the frame for measuring to have a good fit.
We added a cardboard on the back of the outer frame, and covered the entire thing in PVA glue and tissue. For every layer, we had to leave it overnight to dry. So, this part of the necklace took a much longer time to be done.
 While waiting for the base to dry, we coloured the little white tissue balls into different colours. Each colour has a unique name and meaning. They are also arranged into proper placings. Unfortunately for us, a few sites gave different information, and we had to pick one and stick to it.
The colourful bunch. We have two of each colour for two different necklaces.
When the base & the frame is dry, we painted them in two colours, and added tassels to the bottom. It made the necklace even more adorable!

The best feeling came when we stuck all the colourful tissue balls on the necklace base and saw how great the whole necklace look altogether.
That's me in the background after finish sticking all of them in place. It was a really fun project to get done. And very satisfying to the heart. I never knew it would turn out so adorable.

That's all for the post today. Thank you.

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