Friday, 28 June 2013

'The Sanhedrin' ; The Making Of The Shield

A few behind the scene photos presenting the making of the shield from 'The Sanhedrin' by CHCKL.
In our previous production "Chromeheart", the shields were made flat. But this time round, we decided we want our shields curved.
And so, we starting figuring how we can bend the wood.
Our handsome props team trying out all the methods that they could think of.
We finally manage to find a successful way after many failures. The bending of the wood takes a lot of time. And we could not make a bunch of them in one go as we lack certain resources.
When that was done, the handles for the shields were fixed up with nails.
The shields were then painted, buffed and we did a final touch up.

These are how they looked during production :

That's all for today. Tata.

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