Friday, 28 June 2013

Handmade Lizard Softie

Hi everyone! I'm back to my craftiness!
My laptop was having problems with internet connection, and I found it very troublesome to upload my photos from my iphone to the computer.

Without fixing anything, about a couple of weeks later, my laptop revived itself. Odd. Just as I was about to reformat the whole thing.

Anyways, here's a little something I created.
 No, it doesn't just look like this. It's supposed to be flipped the other side! I cut out my templete and sew the sides together. Leaving a space where the butt is.
 Tadaa! This is what it looks like after flipping it inside out and stuffing a whole lot of white fluffs into it. The hands and legs were the hardest to flip inside out since they are so tiny. I got the help of a needle holder.
 The idea of making this little lizard here was inspired by a colleague. No, she didn't suggest for me to do so. In fact, the idea came because she was so afraid of lizards! On the day before her birthday, I wasnted to sew a puppy. It didn't turn out well. I modified it, and it looked like a lizard. I add finishing touches and walah! A new lizard soft toy. I think it's destined to be my colleague's. And so, I gave her.
 Adorable little pink lizard!

That is all for today! (: Thanks for dropping by!

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