Friday, 7 June 2013

Tutorial : Jet Packs For Children

Jet Packs! Woohoo!! So sorry for the blur photo above, but yeah, that's how the jet packs will be. It's real simple to make and a whole lot of fun!

What you need :
1) A pair of 1.5 litre bottles (same shape preferred)
2) Grey spray paint (or any colour you want your jet pack to be)
3) Coloured paper for fire (Red & Orange?)
4) Hot glue gun/Tacky Glue
5) Square Cardboard Pieces
6) Strings/Ribbons
7) Scissors
8) Double sided tape (strong)
9) Patience & Love
So we started of spray painting all the bottles. Yep. We made a lot of jet packs. It was for an event.
They'll look like this. Try to even out the paint by spraying further away from the bottles, but with several layers.

Cut out a square piece of cardboard to fit both the bottle's middle section in. Notice that the board at the back doesn't peep out too much on the sides?

Before sticking them down, poke four holes on each corner. Loop a ribbon on the right side, and another on the left. This acts as the loop to slip the child's arm in. Side can be further adjusted later on.
Next, cut out a large piece of fire and a small piece of fire. Both of different colours as shown on the picture.
You can try making the fire in different colours with different texture. This on has a glossy effect.
You can also make them in un-matching colours.

Here's the bunch of jet packs we made..

Pretty neat eh? Here's one of my favourite picture of the jet packs :

All of them stacked up together in my craft room! Aww. Imagine the kids zooming around the room or garden. How adorable.

Well, that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed reading! (:

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