Monday, 20 January 2014

Tutorial : Handpainted Owl Notebook

There was once where owls were really popular. Are they still?
One of my customers from BoxOfHobbies requested for a customized book with an owl painted on it.
 I started by drawing out the owl and mixing the colours.
I used acrylic paint for this.
 The lighter shade was used first (not white)
 and then the wings were carefully painted in.
 The body was filled in with a colour slightly darker than the lightest shade.
The medium shade (used for the owl's body) was used to do markings on its belly.
When everything was painted in, it looked something like this.
 Black outlines were then added for a more defined look.
and tadaa! The owl book is done!
We also added a name right below the owl (not shown in the picture above).

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